Monday Fun: Organic Dairy Rap Video

A cheeky rap video spoof from a UK organic dairy farm had us busting a gut this morning… while wondering how they pulled off those awesome tractor wheelies. Proof that eco-conscious organizations don’t have to be all doom-and-gloom to get their point across. [youtube=] Yes! More on this Yeo Valley Organic Milk video, including a […]

Meditation Reduces Stress, Increases Compassion

If you’re prone to feeling stressed, researchers say a 1,000-year-old Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice can hold the key for unlocking inner calm—and increasing your body’s immune capacities. Via an article on …Scientists are looking at how an ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice called Lojong may help reduce stress itself, as well as improve the immune […]

Yoga Combats Fibromyalgia Symptoms

A small study has found that gentle yoga and meditation can help alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia, a chronic condition characterized by long-term, body-wide pain and tender points in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. In the study, 25 women diagnosed with fibromyalgia were enrolled in a two-hour “Yoga of Awareness” pilot program that […]

Best Foods to Fight Flu

With flu season creeping up around the corner, it’s time to think about boosting our bodies’ natural defenses. Sufficient sleep, regular exercise and careful hand-washing are all front-line defense tactics, but there’s serious firepower to be found in certain foods, too. We found a thorough list of the top 10 flu-fighting foods (as well as […]

City Introduces “Yoga Parking Tickets”

Motorists in Cambridge, Mass., are getting their doses of  “om” these days from a strange source: parking tickets.  As part of a public art project—which also includes offbeat street signs and plush, stuffed versions of those awful metal car boots—the city printed 40,000 “yoga parking tickets,” each with helpful illustrations of yoga poses. The idea […]

Male Yogis on the Rise

Have a husband, boyfriend or other guy in your life who’s anxious about trying yoga because he thinks he’ll be the only dude in the room? Tell him that the number of men hitting the mats in yoga classes is on the rise. In 2008, men accounted for 27.8 percent of yoga practitioners, up five […]

Yoga for Cancer Patients Provides Benefits of Sleep, Vitality

This article was in the May 21, 2010 issue of Bloomberg Business Week. It has amazing findings on the benefits of yoga for those  going through cancer. Do you know someone fighting cancer? Bring them into Yen Yoga and we will give them a free week of classes so they can see the benefit of […]

Pilates Blog

We are so proud to have Kylee Lynch teaching Pilates at Yen Yoga & Fitness. Kylee has started her own blog and has posted some great tips on exercises and correct form. Check it out at:

Find Your Spin-Spiration

Individuals from all walks of life enjoy (or at least endure) spinning for a number of reasons. Spinning, also know as indoor cycling, provides a fun and efficient cardiovascular workout that almost anyone can try. From seniors to cyclists, the spectrum of spinners is vast. Yet they all share a common respect for a healthier […]

Kids LOVE Yoga

FREE KIDS CLASSES JULY 24-AUGUST 1 Kids Yoga has been so much fun and next week we are offering 15 additional classes! Yoga for children provides endless physical and mental benefits.   Yoga helps relax the mind and the body, allowing children to practice inner happiness and self- calming techniques.  Believe it or not, kids experience […]