Amy Routzahn

The greatest loves of my life are my daughters Sydney and McKenna.  They bring more excitement, happiness, smiles, and adventure than I ever thought possible.  Being their mom sets a purpose to my life that is higher than I could ever imagine.

I love the beauty of course, but I also love the people.  As my daughter said recently “this really is a small town.”  It is very comforting to see familiar faces pretty much wherever you go.  Now that I am older I am enjoying exploring the surrounding counties and I am amazed how many places I have never seen.

My proudest achievement is following my dreams and staying true to the innocence and vulnerability that seem to be part of my character.

I value in my friends the ability to laugh, laugh, and laugh some more.  I enjoy having fun with my friends and knowing that they love for who I am.

I am inspired by passion.  When someone has a passion for their job, hobby, love, sport, music, or art it sets a fire in my own heart.  Life can be boring if you are not passionate about something.