Andria Flegel

What do you love about Traverse City?

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to live in TC. This area possesses so much natural beauty. I love exploring the many nature preserves and hiking trails.

What do you value most in your life?

More than anything I value balance in all areas of my life. Although it’s hard to maintain, I feel best when I’m at equilibrium. This means taking time to be alone as well as socializing, staying physically active without over doing it, and allowing indulgences every now and again, without feeling guilty about it.

When and where are you happiest?

Outside of yoga, I feel the happiest when I get time to enjoy my morning cup of coffee outside observing nature. This is my time which allows me to enjoy the quiet and set up my intention for the day.

What is the quality you like in people?

I admire people who are able to embrace their true self, whatever that may be. We are often convinced that there is a certain path in life that will lead us to happiness, but this simply is not the case for most people. I applaud anyone who is comfortable enough to be them self completely and unapologetically.

What is your favorite yoga posture?

Uttita hasta padhangusthasana (extended hand-to-big-toe pose). This is one of the first poses I really struggled with when I began taking Ashtanga yoga years ago. Now I find the posture empowering, and depending on the day extremely humbling.