Elitza Nicolaou

When and where are you the happiest?
The beach, my yoga mat, on stage, on my couch with my husband and cats, stomping through the woods, in a vineyard. If I’m connecting to nature, to my loved ones, or to the arts, I’m a happy camper.
What is your definition of fitness?
The ability to move your body in a way that makes you feel good! Whether that’s running a marathon or doing a tough (or not!) yoga class or walking with a friend or wheeling down the sidewalk, it’s all good.
What is your favorite yoga posture?
That changes every single time I practice, depending on how my body is feeling that day! My goal for 2018 is to develop my core strength and really tune in to how it feels to use those muscles in correct alignment. It’s been amazing to feel the difference in side angle, triangle, and balancing postures!
How do you define health?
For myself, personally, health is all about maintaining balance: eating and moving in ways that make me feel amazing and help me be comfortable in my own skin. Extra endorphins and increased flexibility, strength, and endurance are wonderful side effects.
What do you love about Traverse City?
In the last five years since moving back to TC, I’ve been welcomed by the running community, the theatre community, and the Yen community. TC has offered me some incredible opportunities to develop my existing passions and discover new ones. The scenery isn’t half bad, either, and the lake smells pretty good.