Leslie Simionescu

What do you love about Traverse City?

The beauty that surrounds us, the water, and clean fresh air. I love to ride my bike or walk downtown and explore different things that I do not see when I am driving.  I love how I know people everywhere and feel safe and connected to the community. I can’t believe I am saying this because I am a summer girl, but I do enjoy the change of seasons. There are just so many things it is impossible to list all of them.

Your proudest achievement?

Raising my son to be a thoughtful, kind human.

What do you most value in your life?

My family and friends.

When and where are you the happiest?

In nature: the water, the beach, the mountains, and a view of the open sky.

How do you define health?

Part of being healthy is being happy and taking care of yourself. To be healthy you have to find balance.  I feel healthiest when I have a balance of work and play, and giving and receiving in my life.