Meaghan Jameson

What do you love about Traverse City?Meaghan Jameson

What don’t I love about Traverse City? I moved here from Florida four years ago and, after adjusting to the winters, I fell head over heels. I love that I am able to walk from my adorable downtown home to the beach, I love that when I wave to someone they wave back, I love riding my bike to the farmers market every weekend, and I REALLY love the amazing local restaurants.

Your proudest achievement?

My boyfriend and I took a road trip across the country for three months committing Random Acts of Kindness. We raised over $6,500 in donations and were able to do nice things for others in almost every state in the US. Seeing the support we behind us, whether it was money donated, kind words, or a place to stay for a few days, was awe-inspiring.

What natural gift would you like most to possess?

I would really like to be more of a thrill-seeker. I’m not someone who gets their kicks from an adrenaline rush.

What is your motto?

Nothing great was every achieved without enthusiasm – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

When and where are you the happiest?

Sitting on my front porch with coffee and a book on a crisp fall morning. If there is breakfast involved in that scenario – even better!