Peter Taylor

Favorite yoga Pose?  

Virasana or Hero Pose is my favorite.  Never thought I could do it but after 6 years of daily practice, I do it every day.

When and where am I the happiest?

Sailing in the unnerving and crazy waters of San Francisco Bay.  So exhilarating!

What historical figure do you most identify with the most?  

Actually two, I have friends who knew and worked for Harvey Milk.  A legend in San Francisco.  Always fought for equality for everyone in every way until his assassination.  Julia Child because I have an innate fascination with food and cooking.   Everyone wants me to write my cookbook which would be the classics in French, Middle Eastern and now  I veganize everything.

My fondest memory?

When I learned I can do anything with the right attitude and hard work. My life with all my adopted dogs.

Favorite Quote?

Winston Churchill, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going”  I was very sick several years ago and basically in bed for 10 months and the Dr. told me it was very grim.  Way too early for me, so I faced it head on, figured out how to do my yoga with no energy in a bed and fought my way back.