Yen Yoga Podcast

We are very excited at Yen Yoga & Fitness to announce our very own Podcast! We will feature different teachers, various practices and behind the scenes intel. All from our very own team.


Meditation for Anxiety Relief with Heidi Dietrich

Join Heidi for a meditation to relieve anxiety.

Gentle Yoga with Lara RuddyLara Ruddy

Join Lara for a Gentle Flow Yoga practice. Find a quiet space, bring your mat and any props that make you comfortable. You will begin in savasana.

Yoga Nidra with Heidi Dietrich

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice during which the practitioner can be deeply resting while in a meditative, alert state of consciousness.

Relaxation Meditation with Heidi Dietrich

Have 5 minutes? Find a quiet spot to follow this guided relaxation meditation and find a tiny piece of tranquility in your day.

Quick and Easy Meditation Principles with Heidi Dietrich

Use these techniques for an anywhere and anytime meditation.